Contemporary Classical

Alphabetical Chronological
A New Gospel For voice and piano 1988
Advent For mixed choir a cappella 1964
Afton For mixed choir a cappella 1957
Al fresco : Fantasia Per flauto e pianoforte 1976
Alla prima For saxophone quartet 1989
Allerlei For accordeon solo 1968
Anrop For soprano and orchestra 1964
Arktis For symphonic band 1984
Arktis (previously Schatten) For orchestra 1977
Assoziationen For accordeon solo 1981
Ballad For two accordeons 1968
Barnvisa For mixed choir a cappella 1958
Bebådelse For mixed choir a cappella 1962
Bellows symphony For two accordeons 1979
Bewegungen For accordeon and string quartet 1966
Blomma som en vildros For mixed choir a cappella 1957
Botany Play For accordeon solo 1968
Canzona For chamber orchestra 1957
Chamber Music : Nine songs For baritone, cello and piano 1996
Combinazioni For violin and percussion 1966
Commedia dell'arte : Scherzo For piano
Composers masquerade For accordeon solo
Concerto da camera Per accordeon ed orchestra 1965
Concerto grosso For string orchestra with violin and cello solo 1974
Concerto per marimba For marimba and orchestra 1972
Concitato Per saxofono contralto solo 1980
Confrontation For large orchestra 1968
Copenhagen Music : Sextet For six accordeons 1972
Den ljusa ön For three-part mixed choir 1966
Divertimento For chamber orchestra 1951
Drömmens skepp For mens choir 1965
Du For voice and piano 1950
Du som förlorat din kust For mens choir 1965
Duell For accordeon and percussion 1966
Elegier från bergen : Kantat For tenor, male choir and orchestra 1958
Elegisk melodi For string orchestra 1966
Ensamhetens sånger : Tre sånger For voice and piano 1965
Evoluzione Per archi 1968
Fervor Per violino grande ed orchestra 1967
Fröjdefullt sjunga de fåglar små For mixed choir a cappella 1949
Från en stygg flicka For voice and piano 1945
Fyra sommarsånger For solo and mens choir 1962
Galaxy For orchestra 1971
Grekisk vår : Svit For mixed choir a cappella 1964
Hangarmusik : Concerto sinfonico For piano and orchestra 1967
Herdespel Skådespelsmusik 1953
I närhetens sommar For 3-part choir or trio 1965
Intarzia Per accordeon ed orchestra d'archi 1967
Integration For 5 percussionists and string quartet/orchestra 1982
Intuizione = Våraning For flute and piano/harp 1974
Invigningsblås för fyra kanaler For brass ensemble 1978
Irish Love Songs : Seven songs For barytone with piano 1992
Islossning For mens choir
Jungfru Maria For voice and string quartet 1952
Jungfru Maria For voice and piano 1952
Kopparstick = Gravure sur/pour cuivre For brass ensemble 1974
Känn dig ense For mens choir 1986
Känn dig ense For mixed choir a cappella 1992
Landskap = Landscape For tuba, strings and piano 1978
Lappri For accordeon solo 1972
Långt från vårt jordiska hem : Julspel For soli, choirs and orchestra 1962
Marias väntan For childrens choir
Metamorfoser For piano 1997
Metamorphoses For accordeon solo 1965
Microscope 21 pieces for accordeon solo 1971
Morgon For voice and piano 1947
New Bearings : Seven songs For barytone with piano 1989
Nine two-part inventions = Neun zweistimmige Inventionen For accordeon solo 1966
Nu flyr tankarna For voice and piano
Orkestern runt på 10 minuter Round the Orchestra in Ten Minutes 1961
Partita piccola For accordeon solo 1963
Partita piccola For piano 1964
Plasticity = Plastische Varianten For accordeon solo 1967
Poetry For flute, strings and piano 1978
Pour l'eternité : 7 songes du coeur Pour baryton et piano 1996
Psalm 102 For baritone or mezzo and stringquartet 1953
Quatre rondeau pour Le Quatour Rondo For woodwind quartet and piano 1969
Rusig humla For mixed choir a cappella 1961
Samspil : Concertino For accordeon and orchestra 1981
Scandinavian Music For brass quintet 1978
Schlesisk folkvisa For mixed choir a cappella 1958
Searoom For french horn, strings and piano 1978
Sekund av evighet : Opera för konsertsal For soli and three orchestras 1973
Serenad For string orchestra 1979
Sex små sommarsånger For voice and piano 1949
Siebenmal Rilke : Sieben Gedichte For voice and orchestra 1989
Siebenmal Rilke : Sieben Lieder For voice and piano 1984
Sinfonietta For chamber orchestra 1952
Sisu For six percussionists 1976
Skatan sitter på kyrketorn For mixed choir a cappella 1949
Skogen susar Small pieces for accordeon
Sogno Per oboe ed archi 1968
Sol och sten For voice and piano 1949
Som ett blommande mandelträd For voice and piano 1947
Sonatina Piccola For accordeon solo 1967
Sonatine For violin and piano 1955
Sound On Sound Ombytta roller för publik, speaker, tonsättare, orkester 1969
Stereogram III For accordeon, xylorimba/vibraphone/crotales, guitar 1969
Stockholm Music For accordeon and string orchestra 1971
String Quartet No. 1 (Mälarkvartett) For string quartet. Reviewed 1973 1957
String Quartet No. 2 (Quartetto d'aprile) For string quartet 1969
Symphony No. 1 (previously Kammarsymfoni) For orchestra, reviewed 1971 1956
Symphony No. 2 (...for freedom) For orchestra 1970
Symphony No. 3 (Sinfonia dolorosa) For orchestra 1975
Symphony No. 4 (Sinfonia ecologica) For orchestra 1985
Symphony No. 5 (Die Wienerische) For orchestra 1980
Symphony No. 7 (Humanity - Dag Hammarskjöld in memoriam) For soprano and barytone soli, mixed choir and orchestra 1988
Symphony No. 8 (Kroumata symphony) For 5 percussionists and orchestra 1992
Symphony No. 9 (Survival) in one movement For orchestra 1996
Teamwork For woodwind quintet 1967
Tempera For brass sextet 1969
Tre dikter (Ur sviter) For voice and piano 1949
Trio fiorente For piano, violin and cello 1975
Triplet For four tubas 1977
Triptyk For mixed choir a cappella 1963
Trumpet Music For piccola trumpet, percussion, piano and strings 1980
Två visor om våren For mixed choir a cappella 1968
Tystnaden For mixed choir a cappella 1957
Tänk inte på att du ska dö
Under vingen 1963
Ute blåser sommarvind For mixed choir a cappella 1962
Variationssvit For strings 1951
Via tomheten Vision for soprano and baritone soli, mixed choir and orchestra 1959
Vindkraft = Windpower : Symphonic sketch For wind instruments 1978
Violinkonsert (Fantasia Pragense) For violin and orchestra 1978
Värmländsk elegi For 3-part choir or trio 1965
Vår- och dårvisa For mixed choir a cappella 1968
Vårvisa For mixed choir a cappella 1959
Äppelblommans sång 1963
Ögon av aska For voice and piano 1969